Is the internet getting boring or am I getting old?

And plenty of photos of Lucy doing cute stuff.

The title is a real question. Honestly.

As those closest to me know, I tend to get really deep in my own head, and my feels. I’ve written essay after essay in my mind about why I wanted to leave social media, amounting to a grand thesis on the disheartening downfall of what was once the mysterious and amazing early years of the internet. A place, much like the wild-west, where survival required skill, and thriving was a feat left to the most adept and curious weirdos. I remember the 90s, adventuring into BBSes (bulletin board systems), internet forums from long ago that you would dial directly on your dial-up modem. These places were full of curious wanders like me. These weren’t peaceful places, necessarily, but there was a mutual respect for the individuals who knew how to operate computers well enough to join them. It was rare and interesting to find people with different ideas or content that challenged you and your ideas.

In the last two decades, those hidden places became available in every household, then in every hand. And every possible voice entered the mix, the loudest sometimes being the most ignorant. And its just never been the same. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I know that it’s boring. The curiosity and the adventure into the unknown is lost as we make a less private, more revenue-generating way to use the internet. Or maybe I’m just old? Either way, thanks for joining me here on substack. This is my little way of trying to disrupt how I share and how we consume.

What do you think?
Really, reply to me.
Is the internet better than ever, or has it lost it’s appeal of unknown adventures?

Cameras, beer, and workouts.

Since' I’ve taken this vow of social media silence, I decided to dust off my digital camera and try to start snapping some more photos just for us, and friends & family. I forgot how fun it is to shoot with a camera thats just a camera. I don’t get alerts on it, I don’t feel like I need to check my email after I take a photo, I love that it isn’t a smartphone. I can just melt into the moment.

A new brewery opened around the corner, and they even have a beer named “Lucille”. I was excited to take the fat bike over this afternoon for a quick beer. I find myself missing Brooklyn sometimes, and I need to remember to take advantage of Austin and build new memories in this city. Especially when they involve a bike ride and a beer… and it’s 95 in April.

Axle bar deadlifts are hard. Trans rights are human rights.

And now for photos of Lucy.