What are you reading?

Not a super thoughtful update, but still an update.

I have such a hard time vacationing. The idea of just handing around, doing very little, scares me. I have no idea why, but I just want to be creating and fixing and fiddling, not chilling and sleeping and consuming. That isn’t a judgement, I wish I could what those latter things. Today was the first day off from work for a few days of vacation, and all I could think about early this morning was how productive I could make that time. No joke, I was on a walk with Lucy at 7am planning out how to best utilize my time that was intended for rest and recharge. I even edited and posted an article to LinkedIn this morning. But I’m going to try and do better tomorrow. I’m going to try and just read, relax, and hang with Megan & Lucy.

On the topic of reading, what are you reading?
Yes, seriously, I want to know.

Most recently, I read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team which had both some empowering insights and some real triggers for my own trauma from working on and with leadership teams. But those traumas are better left for a different newsletter that focuses on how to royally fuck up your work culture and alienate your best people.

Workout log

Though much of my Instagram in the last few years has revolved around my weightlifting and workouts, I realized that I provide no update on this here. I guess I don’t know what to say about it. I’m doing it, and really enjoying it. I did want to share the log I made a few years ago down here in the Keys.

This log had washed up on the beach at the house. It was water-logged and full of insects. But I saw a fun project and, as I mentioned above, I have a hard time NOT working on something while on vacation. So I cut notches and added handles. After I was able to clear out the bugs and dry it off a bit, it became a favorite item I like to lift whenever I’m down here.

Photos of Lucy

The most unexpected, but pretty obvious in hindsight, side-effect of leaving the major social media platforms has actually been how infrequently I photograph and video things now. But this baby is just so damn cut I will never NOT want to photograph and savor every single moment. I hope you enjoy seeing her smile as much as I do.